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About Us

METAG, since its foundation in 1967, has accomplished significant construction projects in various countries, such as in Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somali, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, USA and Uzbekistan as a specialized contracting organization in design, engineering, project management and construction.

METAG pursues a broad variety of projects; including design and construction of Airport Terminals & Runways / Aprons, Roads and Bridges , Billeting and HQ Facilities for Military, University and Education Facilities, Justice Houses, Business and Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Hospitals and Health Facilities, Hotels and Tourism Facilities, Residential Houses, Historic Building Preservations, Industrial Plants, Marine Constructions, Grain Silos, Water, and River Structures, Irrigation / Drainage Structures, Pump Stations and Water Treatment Plant Facilities.

METAG has completed many projects for ADB, KfW, EBRD, European Union, United Nations, UNDP, NATO – NAMSA, AFDB, IsDB, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, US Naval Force, US DPW, US Department of State, UK Royal Engineers, British Army, Canadian Army, Spanish Army, Australian Army and Aramco.

METAG has been listed in well-known International Construction and Trading Publishing Magazines such as ENR’s “Top 250 International Contractors” Lists and FORTUNE 500 Lists for the recent years and is proud to continue to its growth together with its established reliability since the first day of its establishment together with the main principle of investing in quality and human resources.

METAG in Numbers:

  • Founded in 1967.
  • In the list of World’s Top Contractors of ENR since 2010 up to today.
  • Completed more than 300 projects with a value over USD 4 Billion.
  • Operating in over 20 countries.

Our Mission

To perform for our customers, the highest level of quality construction services at fair and competitive market prices. To ensure our company’s sustainability through repeat and referral business achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas, including timeliness, attention to detail, and serviceminded attitudes. To deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule by employing and supporting motivated, flexible, and focused teams.

To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates, and customers.

Our Vision

In performing their work, to further expand the breadth and depth of products and services provided to the Contractors worldwide, METAG employees subscribe to the values and objectives identified as;

• Quality
• Client Orientation
• Innovation
• Integrity
• Work Style
• Leadership
• Financial Success

Code of Ethics

Responsibilities of Shareholders and Management

Comply and demand compliance with the Code of Ethics of METAG and, to that end, make the Code known and establish appropriate mechanisms to guarantee application.

Comply and demand compliance with generally accepted accounting standards and principles and establish internal and external risk management and control systems in accordance with the characteristics of METAG.

In Relation to Suppliers and Clients of METAG

Guarantee the products and services of METAG and deal quickly and efficiently with consumer and user claims, to achieve satisfaction beyond mere compliance with prevailing legislation.

In Relation to Employees of METAG

Establish and communicate clear criteria and rules which maintain a balance between the rights of METAG and those of employees in hiring processes and in the separation thereof, even in the case of a voluntary change in an employee.

In Relation to the Civil Society

Respect human rights and democratic institutions and promote them wherever possible.

Collaborate with public entities and non-governmental entities, and organizations dedicated to improving social attention levels for disadvantaged persons.

Health & Safety Policy

METAG is fully committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards of health and safety for its employees and to create a safe and healthy working environment at all times and on all projects.

To achieve these standards, it is the objective of METAG to set out health and safety targets with the aim of minimizing the risk of injury to all persons affected by METAG’s activities, to avoid any or reduce the number of accidents, dangerous incidents, damage to property and hazards to health and safety by all practicable and reasonable means, to ensure that METAG fully observes all legal obligations with regard to health and safety, its employees and all subcontracted personnel.

In order to comply with these objectives, METAG will, after awarding of a contract, appoint a Health and Safety Manager whose responsibility it is to advise the project management team on all related matters and to promote the safe conduct of work, establish, implement and maintain a Health and Safety Plan including particular Health and Safety Procedures to cover specific project requirements by the prevailing regulations of the country, require that each member of the staff implements the requirements of all Health and Safety regulations, refrains from actions which constitute a danger to themselves or others and reports any situation or practice that may lead to personal injuries or property damages to their superiors, require each department or section to give all staff members Health and Safety Training and to provide the necessary means to implement the Health and Safety Policy throughout its operations.

No violation of any established safety regulations and rules will be tolerated and adequate measures will be established and taken to enforce and maintain the highest health and safety standard.

Quality Policy

The Management of METAG is committed to a policy of effective Quality Management and Quality Assurance. Also, it is our objective for each project to achieve economic success, deliver the contracted works to the agreed conditions, and attain the client’s complete satisfaction during all phases of the contract. It is crucial for METAG to understand how the client perceives us. We strive to provide nothing but the best, whether in the planning or the works’ execution.

To achieve these objectives, we have established and implemented a Quality Management System by DIN, EN, and ISO 9001.

Quality objectives for all quality relevant to our works are established to ensure that the client’s satisfaction is enhanced by all personnel performing work affecting the product quality. Our adequately qualified personnel and modern, sophisticated equipment ensure the achievement of quality during the project execution and the final product. Advance training is also provided where required to ensure the highest competence of our personnel.

Executive Management is committed to the compliance of the Quality Management System and its continual improvement and securing our economic claims and rights where necessary.

Subcontractors are also obliged to conform to the established systems’ requirements, which forms an integral part of their contract.

Adherence to the Quality Management System is imperative and shall be practiced by all personnel at all levels in all daily activities.

Environmental Policy

The METAG policy is that every individual and organization have a legal and moral responsibility to protect the environment. As one of Turkey’s leading civil engineering contractors with projects affecting both landscape and environment, we have a particular duty to reduce our environment’s threat.

METAG’s objective on each project and achieving economic success to employ practices that reduce the impact of pollution and environmental disruption through all our business activities. To achieve this objective, METAG has established and implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. With the threat of pollution and environmental disturbance in mind, we continually examine, monitor, and consider all our project activities to ensure that we provide quality products without detriment to the environment.

The Executive Management of METAG is committed to the continual improvement and prevention of pollution. The commitment includes compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements as subscribed to the contract’s acceptance.

METAG will make every effort to establish effective controls and measures to avoid or at least minimize the impact on the environment.

Implementation of the environmental policy is the responsibility of everyone. Specific procedures, work instructions, and method statements are produced, which, together with the environmental programme, address particular environmental problems.

The project manager at the site is the overall authority responsible for the compliance with the Environmental Policy and for the implementation of the Environmental Management System by appointing an environmental manager whose responsibility is to advise the management team on all related matters and promote the safe conduct of work.

Activity Areas

Buildings, Airports and Airfields, Roads and Bridges, Dams and Power Plants, Marine Works, Industrial Structures, Water Supply – Waste Water and Treatment
Plants, Military Camps and Facilities, Restoration of Historical Structures.